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Post October 2, 2000 Hires

Post-retirement benefits are available to those hired, full-time, on or before September 30, 2000.

Basic Retirement Plan

The Pace University 403 (b) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan is designed to provide faculty and staff with the opportunity to accumulate a source of retirement income in addition to Social Security and personal savings on a tax-deferred basis.

The Basic Retirement plan is a defined contribution plan in which specific contributions are made by the employee and the University once eligibility requirements are met. The requirements are based upon age and full time service criteria.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements and have completed the necessary enrollment forms, the University will contribute a percentage of your base salary, up to $330,000 effective January 1, 2023. You will also be required to make contributions, which will be on a tax-deferred basis.

The percentages that you and the University contribute will differ based upon your full time date of employment and years of service with the University.