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Employee Recognition Special Awards

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution

Individual and/or Team - FT & PT Faculty/Staff


  • Develop an initiative, program and/or service that leads to increased enrollment, student success, retention and/or persistence to graduation.
  • Demonstrate an extraordinary initiative in strengthening the student academic experience.
  • Model high standards of ethics in advising, mentoring and interacting with students.
  • Consistently promote a campus environment that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.
  • Support the University’s strategic goals by improving and/or modernizing current practices resulting in a measurable gain in efficiency, effectiveness or service.
  • Participate on committees, mentor others, serve as a role model and/or use originality and creativity to enthusiastically and collaboratively develop strategies.
  • Make a significant contribution to the wellness and well-being of Pace faculty and staff.
  • Complete a special accomplishment within your division/unit.

2022 Employee Special Award Winners

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Individual

  • S. Brian Jones, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Equity in the Arts
  • Carol Turco, Senior Staff Associate, Honors College
  • Susan Weygant, Bursar, Finance & Administration

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Team

Open Educational Resources (OER) Advisory Board Team

  • Yu Gu, Co- Chair, Mathematics
  • Alysa Robin Hantgan, Co-Chair, English
  • Sue Maxam, Co-Chair, Office of the Provost
  • Steven Bookman, Library
  • Erika Crispo, Biology
  • Milton David Almodovar, Library
  • Kristen DiGennaro, English
  • Brian Evans, Mathematics
  • Courtney Gosnell, Psychology
  • Darren Hayes, Information Technology
  • Allyson King, New Student Experience and Transitions
  • Michelle Land, Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • Jessica Magaldi, Legal Studies and Taxation
  • Noreen McGuire, Library
  • Robert Mundy, English
  • Greg Murphy, Library
  • Meghana Nayak, Political Science
  • Kathy Winsted, Marketing

ILS Implementation Team

  • Milton David Almodovar, Mortola Library
  • Christina Blenkle, Mortola Library
  • Vicky Gannon, Law Library
  • Erik Jantzen, Mortola Library
  • Nadine MacDonald, Mortola Library
  • June Pang, Mortola Library

YES I Make It Happen Annual Winners

  • Joy Codilla, Residence Director, Residential Life, Pleasantville
  • Angie D’Agostino, Dean for Students and Campus Affairs, Law School
  • Shannon Kowalski, Assistant Director, Academic Scheduling, Office of the Registrar
  • Maria Medici, Student Assistant, Welcome Center, New York City
  • Nick Tucker, Residence Director, Residential Life, Pleasantville

A Special Thanks to the 2022 Special Awards Nomination Committee Members:

  • Catherine Finlayson, Associate Professor, College of Health Professions
  • Melinda Lutchman, Staff Assistant, College of Health Professions
  • Angela Nally, Assistant Dean, Communications, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
  • Heather Novak, Director, Center for Community Action/Research, Project Pericles, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rosemarie Scilipoti, Director, Advisement, Centralized Advising, Associate Provost for Student Success

Pace Awards Committee

Volunteering is an impactful way to serve our community. We are more connected, engaged, and vibrant because of volunteerism. Serving on the Pace Awards Committee is a great way to gain experience, recognize your outstanding colleagues, and learn more about some of the great campus initiatives taking place at Pace. It also provides an excellent networking opportunity as you and your fellow committee members evaluate the nominations and review the impactful contributions being made throughout the campuses.

What you will be expected to do:

  • Evaluate nominations and recommend award recipients.
  • Discuss and recommend the creation of additional awards and ways of recognition.

What you will get out of this experience:

  • Gaining visibility and interacting with peers and senior leaders.
  • Recognizing colleagues for meaningful work and drawing satisfaction from contributing to their recognition.
  • Discovering new ideas to which you would have not otherwise been exposed.
  • Working with people you would not have otherwise met, expanding, and increasing your visibility in the community.

In addition:

  • Committee members are recognized publicly at the annual recognition events and online.
  • Committee members are recognized through the YES recognition program.
  • Committee members will be rewarded.

To apply for the annual standing Pace Awards Committee volunteering pool, email Human Resources will contact you with details at the time the annual committee is formed, should you be selected to serve on this committee.