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Employee Recognition Special Awards

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution

Individual and/or Team - FT & PT Faculty/Staff


  • Develop an initiative, program and/or service that leads to increased enrollment, student success, retention and/or persistence to graduation.
  • Demonstrate an extraordinary initiative in strengthening the student academic experience.
  • Model high standards of ethics in advising, mentoring and interacting with students.
  • Consistently promote a campus environment that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.
  • Support the University’s strategic goals by improving and/or modernizing current practices resulting in a measurable gain in efficiency, effectiveness or service.
  • Participate on committees, mentor others, serve as a role model and/or use originality and creativity to enthusiastically and collaboratively develop strategies.
  • Make a significant contribution to the wellness and well-being of Pace faculty and staff.
  • Complete a special accomplishment within your division/unit.

2021 Employee Special Award Winners

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Individual

  • Alyssa Cressotti, Director, Communications & Digital Engagement, Marketing & Communications, University Relations
  • Helene Cruz, Director, Employer Development & NYC Partnerships, Career Services, Enrollment Management
  • Cihangir Jee Duman, Program Manager, Actors Studio Drama School, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences
  • Marcy Kelly, Professor, Biology, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences
  • Jessica Ready-Jackson, Senior Academic Technologist, Office of Academic Technology, Information Technology Services

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Team

ITS/Client Support

  • Craig Bellafiore
  • Kyle Bull
  • Mario Camilla
  • Joseph DeLeo
  • Matt Desimini
  • Louis Guglielmo
  • Jimmy Liu
  • Angel Medina Barragan
  • Alfred Samala
  • Alexander Weisman

Social Justice Week Committee


  • Todd Smith-Bergollo

Marketing: Staff/Faculty

  • Kendra Free
  • Jerry McKinstry
  • Gabriela Morris (part time staff and grad student in NYC)
  • Erin Mysogland (Co-Chair)
  • Marc Potolsky
  • Emilie Zaslow

Marketing: Students

  • Jessy Dienemann (Pleasantville)
  • Amanda Dinkin (Law)
  • Caitlin Douglas (NYC, co-chair)
  • Alex Dudkin (Law)
  • Alysa Lebon (NYC)
  • Jenna Marullo (NYC)
  • Fru Ndemeno-Tegomoh (Law)

DJ Henry Memorial Subcommittee: Staff

  • Matt Anthony
  • Vinnie Birkenmeyer
  • Mariesa Cruz-Tillery (Co-Chair)
  • Steve Feyl
  • Maria Iacullo-Bird
  • Brandon Mathieu
  • Rachel Simon
  • Kate Torres

DJ Henry Memorial Subcommittee: Students

  • Rebecca Angel (Law)
  • Marcellus Frazier (Pleasantville) (Co-Chair)
  • Madison Shaff (Law)

Program Proposal Subcommittee: Staff/Faculty

  • Chantel Cabrera
  • Helene Cruz
  • Sarah Cunningham
  • Brenna Hassinger-Das
  • Sue Maxam (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Novak
  • Jill Olimpieri
  • Jennifer Rosenstein
  • Rachana Shah
  • JoAnna Verlezza
  • Emily Welty

Program Proposal Subcommittee: Students

  • Avery Leider (Seidenberg DPS)
  • Marisa Medici (Co-chair)
  • Kasama Star (Law)

Calendar Committee: Staff

  • Keith Gorman
  • Jolina Halloran (Co-Chair)
  • Joseph Lee

Calendar Committee: Students

  • Samantha Ramcharran (Co-Chair)
  • Jing Wang

YES I Make It Happen Annual Winners


  • Westchester: Matt Desimini, IT Deployment Specialist, Client Services, Information Technology Services
  • NYC: Sungi Clark, Budget Analyst, Office of Budget & Planning, Finance & Administration

Student Worker

  • Westchester: Katherine Krahulik, Public Interest Law Center, School of Law
  • NYC: Marisa Medici, Welcome Center NYC, Enrollment Management

A Special Thanks to the 2021 Special Awards Nomination Committee Members:

  • Regina Beatty, Director, Accounts Payable, Finance & Administration
  • Marcus Braga, Associate Professor, Finance & Economics, Lubin School of Business
  • Matt Desimini, IT Deployment Specialist, Client Services, Information Technology Services
  • Irina Kats, Director, Budget & Reporting, Dean for Students, Student Affairs
  • Jill Olimpieri, Associate Director, Recruitment & Retention, Seidenberg School of CSIS
  • JR Pouncey, Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities/Recreation, Goldstein Fitness Center, Student Affairs