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Employee Recognition Special Awards

The 2021 Employee Recognition Annual Special Award Nomination Database is open! Now is the time to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our talented faculty and staff members!

Please join us in nominating individuals and/or teams for outstanding contributions to the University. Please see below for criteria.

Your involvement in the nomination process is essential in making the special award program meaningful and successful. You can become involved in the following ways:

  • Join the nomination committee responsible for selecting awardees. Nomination committee members are needed! Representation by faculty, staff and students creates a diverse committee! If you are interested in participating on the committee, please contact Rosemary Mulry (
  • Nominate an individual or team. Simply complete the nomination form and submit it by Friday, October 15, 2021.

It is a wonderful opportunity to show our support and appreciation for the many great successes of our faculty and staff.

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution

Individual and/or Team - FT & PT Faculty/Staff


  • Develop an initiative, program and/or service that leads to increased enrollment, student success, retention and/or persistence to graduation.
  • Demonstrate an extraordinary initiative in strengthening the student academic experience.
  • Model high standards of ethics in advising, mentoring and interacting with students.
  • Consistently promote a campus environment that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.
  • Support the University’s strategic goals by improving and/or modernizing current practices resulting in a measurable gain in efficiency, effectiveness or service.
  • Participate on committees, mentor others, serve as a role model and/or use originality and creativity to enthusiastically and collaboratively develop strategies.
  • Make a significant contribution to the wellness and well-being of Pace faculty and staff.
  • Complete a special accomplishment within your division/unit.

2020 Employee Special Award Winners

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Individual

  • Susan Flaum, Adjunct Faculty, College of Health Professions
  • Jolina Halloran, Honors College Academic Advisor, Pforzheimer Honors College
  • Aisha Moyla, AVP, Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Eileen Murphy, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Advisement, Centralized Advising
  • Laurice Nemetz, Adjunct Faculty, Physical Education
  • Rosemarie Scilipoti, Director of Undergraduate Advisement, Lubin
  • Mark Stephens, University Director of Financial Aid

President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution Team

Office of Academic Technology

  • Beth Gordon, AVP, IT Academic/Administrative Services
  • Christopher Alice, Sr. Academic Technologist
  • John Blackwell, Senior Manager, Academic Technology
  • Jessica Ready-Jackson, Senior Academic Technologist

Center for Community Action and Research

  • Heather Novak, Interim Director, Center for Community Action and Research
  • Erin Mysogland, Program Coordinator
  • New York City Student Assistants: Chloe Hwang, Britney Peralta, Samadi Tavarez, Erin Wilson and Marisa Medici
  • Pleasantville Student Assistants: Julie Bazile, Shaniya Francis and Noelani Rivera

COVID Task Force

  • Brian Anderson, Director, Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Horace Anderson, Dean, Elisabeth Haub School of Law
  • Mary Baglivo, CMO and Vice President for University Relations
  • Bernadette Baumann, Senior Director, Employee/Labor Relations, Title IX Investigator
  • Vincent Beatty, Executive Director, Safety and Security
  • Marie Boster, AVP, Public Affairs
  • Stephen Brodsky, University Counsel
  • Karen Buckwald, Director, Human Resources Initiatives
  • Joseph Capparelli, Vice President and Controller
  • Rachel Carpenter, Interim Dean for Students
  • Geraldine Colombraro, Associate Dean, College of Health Professions
  • Alyssa Cressotti, Director, Communications and Digital Engagement
  • Angie D’Agostino, Dean for Students, Elisabeth Haub School of Law
  • Paul Dampier, CIO and Vice President for Information Technology
  • Harriet R. Feldman, Dean, College of Health Professions
  • Angelica Ferreira, AVP, Budget and Planning
  • Leila Franchi, AVP, Marketing and Communications
  • Jean Gallagher, Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships
  • Cindy Heilberger, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Marcy Kelly, Professor, Biology, Fall Reopening Community Group Rep
  • Hillary J. Knepper, Interim Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Karen Martin, Part-Time Paraprofessional, University Health Care, Pleasantville Campus
  • Aisha Moyla, AVP, Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Tom Murray, Executive Director of Conference/Event Services
  • Richard Myers, Executive Director, Risk and Compliance
  • Jesse Oxfeld, Senior Advisor for Communications
  • Vanya Quiñones, Provost/EVP for Academic Affairs
  • Matt Renna, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Robina Schepp, Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Rachana Shah, Director, Government and Community Relations
  • Todd Smith-Bergollo, Assistant Dean for Students
  • Barry Stinson, AVP for International Programs and Services
  • Nicole Thompson, Vice President, Administrative Operations
  • Jacqueline Tortorella, Assistant Director of Marketing and Account Management
  • Lisa Valentino, Associate University Counsel
  • Joan Walker, Interim Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Michael Winn, Associate Athletic Director
  • Ibi Yolas, Vice President, Facilities and Capital Projects

YES I Make It Happen Annual Winners

  • Alexandra Aviles, Administrative Assistant, Psychological Services Center, New York City
  • Irwin Narayan, Operations Supervisor, Educational Media, Westchester
  • Peggy Gorel, Student Assistant, Student Affairs, Westchester
  • Aida Kolar, Student Assistant, Lubin Undergraduate Academic Advisement, New York City

A Special Thanks to the 2020 Special Awards Nomination Committee Members:

  • Marcus Braga Alves, Associate Professor, Finance & Economics New York, Lubin School of Business
  • Liza Bell, Administrative Coordinator, Provost/EVP Academic Affairs
  • Beth Buls, Senior Compensation Analyst, Compensation & Benefits, Human Resources
  • Purnima Deshwal, Student Assistant, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources
  • Elizabeth Luongo, Senior Staff Associate, School of Education Westchester
  • Jennifer Rosenstein, Library Director/New York, University Library
  • John Sassano, Senior Budget Analyst, Office of Budget & Planning, Finance & Administration