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Banner 9 Training, Video Tutorials and Guides

Banner 9 Video Tutorials

Please note: Do NOT use Firefox to view videos!

The below video collection covers the main overall navigation and use of Banner 9 and is offered as 5 stand-alone videos that cover different topics. If you are new to Banner 9, it is recommended to view the list sequentially to cover all the topics. If you are already familiar with Banner 9 and just need a refresher, or wish to know how to set up your own Banner 9 shortcuts, then view the appropriate video titles.

For more Banner training videos and guides, view Financial Information Systems website.

Video Reference Guide / Links (updated May, 2020)

  • Full Banner 9 Overview New to Banner 9? - Please view this video first, it covers the essential areas needed to navigate around Banner 9 and understand the new terminology.
  • Main Menu Overview Introduces the new Banner 9 menu, its icons and functions. For users who have never accessed Banner 9 and would like to know about what the menu accesses.
  • Related Pages / Drilling Down Shows a general example on how to drill down to detailed information using 'Related' (pages) in the Banner 9 tab.
  • My Banner (Shortcuts) Want to add time saving page / form shortcuts to Banner 9 using your My Banner menu? Watch this video to learn how.
  • Page / Form Navigation – quick start Just want to get started and jump right into Banner 9 pages (formerly 'forms in Banner 8)? Then here's a quick overview of page navigation.

Banner 9 PDF Guides