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Reimbursement Account Debit Cards

PayFlex Card

As you incur eligible health care expenses, you can use the PayFlex Card as a form of payment.

You can use the card as “credit” or “debit.” When you choose “debit,” you will have to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To create a PIN, please call Card Services at 1-888-999-0121. If you forget your PIN, please call Card Services (at 1-888-999-0121), at any time, to request a new PIN. There is one PIN per cardholder account. Please ensure that an eligible family member, who has a separate PayFlex Card, knows your PIN.

If you are paying for services or items from a healthcare-related merchant or one that has implemented an inventory information approval system (IIAS), your transaction will be automatically approved at the point of sale.

You are required by the IRS to retain your itemized receipts! Payflex may request documentation based upon IRS guidelines for transactions that do not match current co-payment amounts. You will receive an email directly from PayFlex to your Pace email account when documentation is required. Your PayFlex Card may be temporarily deactivated until the requested documentation is provided.

You can view your PayFlex Card transactions and remaining balance by logging into your account Payflex account.

Your card is valid for a 5-year period. When you enroll for each new plan year, the card will reflect the annual amount that you have elected.

Contact PayFlex, as soon as possible, at 1-800-284-4885, to report a lost or stolen PayFlex Card.