Choate House on the Pace Pleasantville campus

Employee Service Opportunities

Employee Volunteer Release Time

  • Staff member must receive permission from supervisor prior to volunteer work (this can be done by filling out the Employee Service verification form (PDF)) Completed form should be submitted to supervisor and
  • Employees are entitled to 8 hours release time each 6 months with supervisor permission. Part-time employees can receive 4.
  • Employees can either volunteer during the work week, or during the weekend.
  • Employee must submit either a signed verification form or a form letter to their supervisor before release time can be applied.
  • Staff member must volunteer with a community organization that meets the following criteria:
    • Organization/partner is a recognized nonprofit or government organization or program.
    • Employees cannot proselytize (advocate for a particular religion) as part of their volunteer hours. Community work with faith-based organizations is welcomed outside of this activity.
    • Community organization/partner is willing to complete paperwork from the University
    • Community organization’s/partner’s status and hours can be confirmed by the University.
    • Volunteer does not receive monetary compensation for community work associated with the service.
    • A direct family member (spouse, parent, etc.) cannot be your direct supervisor for the service.
    • Employees are encouraged to continue work with an organization with which they have established ties, but the organization must still meet the above criteria.
  • Employee is encouraged to find their own placements but can go to the Center for Community Action and Research for assistance. The Center is not responsible for finding an employee a placement, but is a reputable resource for help in finding a place to start.
  • When recording time, employee can select “volunteerism” on the Kronos timesheet to record the hours properly (and to keep track of how many they have taken in a year).
  • For more information about this benefit contact Employee Relations at: