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Adjunct FAQ

What documentation needs to be presented to Human Resources?

In order to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, (1986) it is necessary to establish your identity and employment eligibility. You are required to present original documents. For example: United States Passport, Alien Registration Card, a valid visa (F1, J1 and H1) or Drivers License and Birth Certificate. *See list of acceptable documents for the complete list. In addition, it is Pace University's policy to present an original social security card.

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What should I do if I do not have a social security card or number?

For your protection, a lost or stolen Social Security card should be reported to the Social Security Administration office. Human Resources will contact the Social Security Administration to verify that you have a social security number. With this information and completion of Human Resources/Payroll forms, Human Resources will process you on payroll. Once you receive your new card, you must bring it to Human Resources so that we can make a copy for your file.

Note: If you are an international faculty with no social security number, you must apply for a social security number. Without a social security number Human Resources will not be able to process you on payroll. A new Social Security number will take 2 to 3 weeks to receive. As soon as you receive your new card present it to the Human Resources office so that we can make a copy and process you on payroll.

For more information, please visit the Social Security Administration website.

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How do I get a Pace University ID?

When you have satisfactorily completed the required paper work, Human Resources will refer you to the Security Office for an ID card at which time your picture will be taken.

Campus Locations:

New York - One Pace Plaza, B-Level - (212) 349-1800
Pleasantville - Campus Center, 2nd floor.- (914) 773-2800

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When do I receive a new ID sticker?

ID stickers are renewed in September. Appointed faculty will receive a updated validation sticker with their appointment letter from the Dean.

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How do I obtain a validated parking decal for parking on the Westchester campuses?

Please contact your Dean's office for more information.

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What is a Letter of Appointment?

Your letter of appointment reflects the rank, credit hour rate and the dates of your appointment. You should receive a letter prior to the commencement of the

semester, or during the first week of the semester.

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When do I get paid?

Paychecks are distributed on the 15th and the last day of the month, according to the following schedule.

Semester Payment Dates:

Semester Payment Dates
Fall September 30 through December 31
Spring February 15 through May 15
Summer I June 30 and July 15
Summer II August 15 and August 31

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Is Direct Deposit available for part-time faculty?

Direct Deposit is now available for part-time faculty. Newly hired employees must refer to the Direct Deposit Self Serve Instructions (PDF). Direct deposit processing will take two payroll cycles before it becomes effective.

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How is my semi-monthly gross salary calculated?

Each Adjunct faculty member's pay rate is calculated by the following formula:

Semi-monthly Pay Rate = (Credit Hour Rate * # of credits) / (# of Pay Periods)

Example: Professor Stewart earns $700.00 per credit. She is receiving 3 credits for a class that is being taught in the fall semester.

Her salary would be as follows:

  • $700.00 per credit multiplied by 3 credits divided by 7 pay periods = $300.00 (gross amount she will receive per pay period)

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Who should I initially contact regarding any questions or concerns about my paycheck?

Please contact the Faculty Pay Team at

What are Pace University's Compensation Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty members teaching in two schools during the same semester?

Faculty Representatives’ who have an Adjunct Faculty member that will be teaching in two schools during the same semester, should fully coordinate this effort with the other identified school’s Faculty Representative and the HR/HRIS Department to ensure that the two separate rates, if different, are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

This effort can and will be achieved in Banner via the HRIS Department’s automated and manual processes.

Each Faculty Representative is required:

  • To communicate the above mentioned actions in a timely manner to ensure that the Adjunct Faculty member is paid correctly and on time, as outlined in their appointment letter.
  • To be well-informed and educated in performing their jobs, as it relates to this effort.

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How do I handle a new Adjunct Faculty/Visiting Faculty member that will not be compensated by Pace University?

Please visit the Pace University IT Resource Access Request Webpage. Also, the Chair or a designee should send an email message to the campus Security office in order for the individual to go in and receive a Temporary I.D. for access to the facilities.

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