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Administrative Computing Services

Programming and Administrative Computing Services is responsible for supporting the mission critical systems that processes data, programming, and reporting needs of the university. The area works in close collaboration with areas such as Enrollment Management, Finance, Office of Student Success, Human Resources, and many more. Some of the applications supported include Banner and applications on Appserv.

The functions of this group includes the analysis of application software, design of systems specifications, the programming, testing, documentation and maintenance of application software for Finance, Enrollment Management, Student Accounts, Human Resources, Alumni, University Residences (Housing), Admissions Applications Processing, Student Record Processing, Registration, Student Fee Processing, Financial Aid Processing, etc. Other functions of this group include database administration, operating systems support and software installation and upgrades for the University’s Administrative Computing Systems including Banner systems and Oracle. The department provides database application consulting to systems programmers, analysts and end-users.

Functional Areas

Applications Programming Development Group - This group provides web applications development services and support to the Pace community as well as SQL and PL/SQL support for Banner and Banner-related Third Party products.

Banner/Oracle Systems Application Group - This group provides the infrastructure in installing, customizing, and maintaining the Banner environment and related Third Party products, as well as Database Administration support for this environment.

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