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Poll Everywhere lets instructors conduct real-time polls with results easily available for view on the web and in PowerPoint presentations. Students can submit anonymous responses to polls using their smartphone or laptop.


Faculty, Staff, and Students.

How To Get This Service

Create a Help Desk ticket to request an account. (MyPace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

Students do not need to submit a request for account creation if they are only responding to polls created by their instructor.


For any inquiries about this service, or to submit a request, please click this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (MyPace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

For immediate support or if you are having a technical issue with Poll Everywhere during a class session, please contact Ed Media and someone will come to your course.

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How do I get an account?
Create a Help Desk ticket to request an account.

Do students need to get registered for me to be able to tally responses by student?
Once you are logged into Poll Everywhere, all you need to do is add your students as participants. When you click on the Participants tab on the top left, there will be an orange button labled Add Participants. A link will be created which you can send to everyone in your class. Once your students click on the link, they will see the same account creation screen you did.

How do I grade the poll responses?
Once all your participants are in, you can generate grades from the Reports tab, by adding their responses to each poll to a generic report. Once the generic report is generated, you can choose to have them graded. Choose the Report Card option and make sure all participant data is checked via the radio buttons on the left side of the screen. To ensure proper grading, focus on using polls that can be programmed with a correct answer (ex. Multiple Choice, True/False, Clickable Image), and limit participants to only one response.

I have been using a free account under a gmail password. Is there any way I can import those polls or combine these accounts?
When submitting your initial Help Desk ticket requesting a new account, include the email address that you previously used to sign in. This will let Ed Media know to create the account with your old email address. All the old polls and data will still be under that username.

It is also possible to change your email address once you are in the system.

What if I bring my own laptop into class to teach? How can I get the Poll Everywhere Presenter App?
Download the free Poll Everywhere presenter app here:

Can faculty launch from their own iPad or mobile device too?
The Poll Everywhere app is available for download here on iPhone and iPads. It is perfect for responding to polls, presenting polls, and clicking through PPT presentations.

Is there any functionality that would be useful for online courses?
We suggest using the following process: at the end of each weekly topic, create a few key questions about the concepts. Provide a close date and time for the poll. At the end of the poll, collect responses and share with students (in a discussion forum). Encourage students to volunteer an explanation of a correct response and discuss the situation.

Can student groups use this? How would they go about it?
Yes, they would need to request an account with Ed Media if they want to create their own polls. They can also use it to review course material.

Poll Everywhere suggests that students get to work in small groups or alone to solve the problem and answer the poll. If they’ve done the groundwork and understood the content, they respond correctly and get a lecture point. If they’re having trouble, they get to try again at home, after class.

  1. Post the content of your lectures online as a video or PDF. Instruct students to watch the video and then practice solving introductory problems.
  2. When class begins, present another introductory problem as a multiple choice poll. Allow students to work out their answers in small groups, if necessary. Watch results roll in.
  3. Reveal the correct response. If you see the need, help students understand where they went wrong, and how to attack the problem in a more productive way.