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Digital Measures

What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures is an online database where faculty can enter publications, presentations, grants, and other professional activity. It serves two purposes: By using standardized fields in the database, it allows your school to run administrative reports. Your faculty profile web page is created from the information you enter in Digital Measures. Updates that you make to your Digital Measures profile will automatically be reflected on your faculty web page.




New Digital Measures User Interface & Faculty Profiles

On January 1st 2016 we moved over to a new user interface with Digital Measures.  New faculty profiles will follow in February 2016.  Please see below for helpful resources on how to use the new interface.  If you would like assistance with the new UI, please reach out to us at

New User Interface Webinar Check out this webinar tour on the new user interface in Digital Measures.
New User Interface This image shows you what the new User Interface looks like in Digital Measures.
New Faculty Profile This document shows you what the new faculty profiles will look like, beginning in February 2016.

Learn How to Update Your Profile

Adding an Item Items in digital measures can include presentations, articles, grants, and other information from your CV. This tutorial will show you how to add an item in Digital Measures
Deleting an Item This tutorial will show you how to delete an item in Digital Measures
Hide Activity from Public Profile This tutorial goes over how to hide activity from your public profile, but still allow deans and reviewers access to review your work.
Categorizing Activities Guide A guide for finding out what goes where. Useful for learning where sections from your CV belong in Digital Measures.


Digital Measures Overview


Other Resources for Faculty

FAQs List of frequently asked questions about Digital Measures.



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