Student with professor using a computer.

As part of the Student Technology Fee, students will be credited $30.00 three times throughout the year--the start of the Fall and Spring semesters as well as Summer Session I.

To release a print job, or to use a different feature (like copying or scanning), a student will swipe their Pace ID Card. If a Pace ID Card is not available, a student will only need to enter their Pace Portal username and password.

The cost per page are:

Printing Type Printing and Copying Scanning
Black and White 6¢ for 1st side
3¢ for 2nd side
(printing is double sided by default)
2¢ per scan
Color 30¢ for 1st side
27¢ for 2nd side
(printing is double sided by default)
2¢ per scan

Faculty and staff using these services will be charged monthly via departmental charge backs (similar to Document Services' process). Pace guests and alumni will be credited with $3.00 each semester. Faculty, staff, and alumni can either use a Pace Onecard to log in to the Pharos printers or log in manually with their Pace portal username and password.

  • University policy prohibits duplication or replication of copyrighted materials without express authorization and consent of the author or owner of the copyrighted material.
  • The print system is available to current student, staff, faculty, alumni and guests with active Pace Portal accounts.
  • Print Jobs remain in the print queue for three (3) hours. After that time elapses, the print job will be unavailable. Users are responsible for saving their work prior to printing.
  • Connection to the Pace network is a necessary prerequisite for using the print system.
  • Tampering with or intentionally damaging equipment is prohibited. Paper jams, empty trays, low toner, and issues of that nature will be attended to by staff.
  • Users are not permitted to use specialty paper for printing. All printouts come standard: 8 x 11 inches.
  • Our constituents will have the option of reprinting by contacting a TechZone\CRC\Library representative for issues with printer jams, mechanical errors, etc.
  • Any issues with the devices should be reported to a TechZone\CRC\Library representative.
  • Any issues with a Pace ID Card should be address to the Pace HigherOne Card Office.
  • The free printing allotment does not rollover from semester to semester. Any moneys placed on a student's campus account will carry over.