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Student Information Technology Requirements And Pace Information Technology Disclaimer

To fully participate in any course, Pace University students must be familiar with and use information technology resources including but not limited to the Learning Management System and Pace University email. While Pace does not currently require students to own personal computers, tablet devices or smartphones, it is strongly encouraged that students have sufficient access to a web-enabled device that allows for the viewing, creation and editing of course content for the duration of the course semester. In addition, many programs/courses may require additional peripherals such as a webcam/microphone.

Pace provides its students with the Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center—available on a first-come, first-served basis—equipped with the necessary hardware for online or PC-required course assignments. In addition, the University provides network connectivity in public areas, classrooms and Libraries as well as in University-owned residence halls. Leased residence halls have slightly different network services. Classes are occasionally conducted in videoconferencing facilities located at Pleasantville, the Law School in White Plains, and the New York City campus. The instructor may not be physically in the same location as all of the students.

Pace University, through its internal Information Technology Services (ITS) and relationships with hardware, software, and communications service providers, makes every effort to maintain uninterrupted availability of information technology resources, including a secure and stable environment on the World Wide Web for distance learning courses, communications with professors, and access to University departments. However, information technology resources, communications (including email), intranet, and the Internet may occasionally be interrupted or made unavailable by causes beyond the University's reasonable control. The University is not responsible for refund of any tuition or fees in the event of any such occurrence; neither shall the University be liable for any consequential damages as a result thereof. Instruction and/or coursework that are interrupted, delayed, or lost as a result of such occurrences shall be completed by arrangement acceptable to the professor and/or chair of an affected course.

All Pace students are issued electronic mail accounts (email), which will be used from time to time by the University administration and faculty as a means of communication. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with this account as soon as possible after registration and are required to check this email account regularly. Students may forward messages from their Pace-provided email account to any non-Pace personal account, and the University provides assistance in establishing this mail forwarding. However, the University cannot assume any liability for mail delivery outside of its network or for third-party systems. Student email accounts can be found at:

New Student IT Resources (one-stop student information site for email, Classes (Brightspace) and more)

Select Pace Directory for student email look up. The default password for the student account is the student’s initials, (-) hyphen, and date of birth(MMDDYYYY) e.g. jd-01251989. This email account and password combination will work for the Pace Portal, Email, and Classes (Brightspace).

The University is not responsible for any personal electronic equipment, including computers, brought onto the University premises. All students should connect their electrical/electronic equipment, including computers, to power surge protective devices to minimize potential damage to their personal property.

All users of Pace information technology are required to abide by Pace University's IT Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology.

Students should be aware of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) which outlines the policies for illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing.

Other sites available are