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Mobile Device Setup Information Page

Pace University is committed to assisting students, faculty, and staff connect to Pace University’s wireless network with any personal device to give everyone a comfortable learning environment. In efforts to support this progress, students, faculty and staff will now be able to access Pace University’s wireless network with their own personal devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc). By allowing students, faculty, and staff to use their own technology on campus, we are hoping to increase the access to every individual at Pace University so they have access to Pace University's resources and technology anywhere while on campus.

Mobile Device Setup "How To" Documentation

Device PACE-WIFI Set Up Exchange Email Set Up
Android Cell Phone/Tablet Cell Phone/Tablet (PDF)
Apple (iOS) iPad/iPhone/iPod iPad/iPhone/iPod (PDF)
Windows Windows Phone/Tablet  
Blackberry Cell Phone Blackberry Bold

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If you have additional questions, please contact the Pace Help Desk.

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Email: pacehelpdesk@pace.edu
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