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TeamDynamix Help Desk

New Help Desk Transition Update!

Pace University completed its transition to the new TeamDynamix help desk on Wednesday, June 15! Since April, we have been running two different help desk systems simultaneously while we worked to transition all areas from the old Solarwinds system to the new TeamDynamix platform in two distinct phases. This allowed the different areas involved to coordinate their migration timeframes based on departmental workloads.

As we learn to better leverage the new TeamDynamix platform and its features, we remain excited about the possibilities to further improve service levels and turnaround times.

Check out the new TeamDynamix help desk, and/or submit a ticket request. Just click on Submit a Ticket to find the correct area.

Benefits include

  • Enhanced Self-Service – One-stop knowledge base for multiple University areas.
  • Easier Navigation – Search knowledge or service categories, or use the home page search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • More Functionality – Get content suggestions as you type in search or leverage our soon-to-be added chatbot for added functionality!
  • Public Forms – Anyone without a Pace login account (e.g. parents/guardians) can now submit some forms/requests without logging in.

New Helpdesk Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Video on Submitting a New Ticket Tutorial Video on Checking Ticket Status

For any questions about this initiative, please email