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Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms offer tools and flexible layouts to support lively discussion, multimedia, group work, and presentations while allowing students to work using their laptops and mobile devices at the same time. Pace currently has six ALC's along with plans for the Classroom Design Committee to expand and create more in the future together with Building Services and Ed Media.

ALC Locations

  • NYC: W510 and W511
  • PLV: Miller 21, 22, and 27
  • PLV: Willcox Lecture Hall


All active Faculty teaching a face-to-face course.

How to Get This Service

ALC's can be reserved as the primary meeting space for a face-to-face course. ALC's cannot be reserved for single presentations or events, however faculty can reach out to Ed Media to schedule an appointment to see the rooms and receive training on how to use the equipment.

Ideally, faculty should submit their request as early as possible for these rooms. For more information, contact Academic Scheduling. Alternatively, you can also reserve an ALC by emailing or by directly calling (212) 346-1626.


Educational Media Hours:

New York Campus

Department Phone:
(212) 346-1583
Pleasantville Campus
Miller Hall 31

Department Phone:
(914) 773-3338
White Plains Campus
Aloysia Hall 303

Department Phone:
Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday : 9am-5pm Friday : 9am-5pm Friday : 9am-5pm
  Saturday: 9am-5pm (excluding summer)  
Intercession and non-class periods: 9am-5pm

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Can I schedule a one-time session to use an ALC for an event or single class session?
ALC's are booked in advance as the primary meeting space for courses throughout the full semester. You can inquire with Academic Scheduling at for special requests.

Does the room have audio speakers connected to the computer?
Yes, the room speakers are hidden in the ceiling but provide full audio for occupants in the room. Students can also feed audio to the speaker system by using an HDMI cable to connect their personal laptops to the classroom monitors.

Do all of the occupants in the room appear in the webcam's view?
Yes, the wall-mounted webcam installed in the room provides a wide angle view of the entire room. Discrete microphones attached to the ceiling can capture voices clearly from around the room. This setup is ideal for a guest speaker presenting to the class remotely, or for individual viewers to participate from home. If your goal is to connect two physical classrooms via webconferencing, please consider one of our Video Conferencing rooms built specifically for this purpose.