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Purchasing Computers And Software For Pace University Use

The University has established purchasing standards for obtaining computer equipment for Pace University use. To learn more, you can review the Technology Purchasing Policy.

To make purchases:

  1. Enter a service request on the Help Desk
  2. Click Submit Request and enter your Pace Credentials
  3. Fill in the required fields and any other necessary information requested
  4. ITS will provide you with the IT Quote and additional purchasing instructions
    Note: For all IT Quote requests, please allow at least 1-3 business days for review and processing.

Placing an IT Quote ensures best pricing and reduces chances of duplicate products or licenses.

IT-Supported Standards For Computer Hardware And Software

ITS has established support standards for all computer hardware and software to be used at the University. To review these standards, please see Pace University's IT Standards.

FAQ - University Computer Replacement Program

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the University Computer Replacement Program:

What is the University Replacement Program?
All eligible employees are allocated a standard computer laptop to perform their work funded from a central University budget, with a set cycle for replacement within the fifth year. The University can also provide a laptop docking station, desktop monitor and keyboard & mouse if required (these are not included within the replacement cycle program).

Upgrades to University standard configurations are permissible and must be approved, and funded, by departments heads. For details of the upgrade options please refer to the Technology Purchase Policy.

Why are employees distributed laptops and not a desktop computer?
The COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for the Pace community to be able to work remotely from campus efficiently and securely as well as highlighted challenges faced when attempting to access an on-premise desktop remotely. A Pace-owned laptop ensures a user will have access to their data in a secure manner and is less reliant upon a VPN and Remote Desktop Connection for productivity. Therefore, the University Replacement Program now only distributes laptops to eligible employees.

Is a Desktop Tower an option to receive for my replacement?
There are some rare circumstances where a desktop is a more appropriate replacement for a user rather than a laptop in which case, an exception is given, and a desktop is distributed. However, requests for exceptions must be submitted and approved by the user’s applicable Dean or VP. The distribution of a desktop through the University Replacement Program also acknowledges that if the user is required to work from a remote location, their corresponding department is responsible for funding a laptop and/or any other applicable remote working technology.

I received a University Replacement laptop but am working remotely. Can ITS service my laptop?
ITS can troubleshoot most problems through a remote screen share. However, some issues such as those related to hardware require in-person troubleshooting. ITS does not have the resources to attend remote working locations therefore the laptop should be brought into any of the ITS walk-in centers for servicing.

Are the general use, computer classrooms, or student stations eligible?
No. Only those employees identified as eligible employees are able to participate in the program.

Will every machine identified as being up for retirement be replaced in a given year?
No. Each year when the machines identified for being eligible for replacement, ITS and Finance will determine based on budgeting which machines out of that pool are replaceable per a cycle in that year.

If I am the owner for 1 or more PC equipment, are all of the machines eligible for the program?
No. Only one machine can be listed per an eligible employee. This machine cannot be changed until after its fourth year of service.

Is there any flexibility in where a “retired” machine goes?
Yes. If there are general use stations that are older than the machine being replaced, ITS can reassign the asset to that general use station, and remove the oldest machine but we must operate on a one in one out basis in all areas.

Who are the people eligible for the program?
The following employees are eligible: Full-time Staff and Faculty and Part-time Staff (Adjunct Faculty, Student Workers, and contractors are not eligible at this time).

If you are a new hire in a newly created position, what is my eligibility status?
Newly hired FT Staff/Faculty or PT Staff in newly created positions are automatically eligible to receive a new laptop through the University Replacement Program, and a docking station plus desktop monitor from our inventory. If you are backfilling a previously created vacant position, you inherit the previous employee’s replacement eligibility status and equipment if it is still available.

If machines are acquired through grants, can they be added into the program?
No. At this time, machines acquired through grants are not part of the program and are to be funded by the department.

Are departments restricted from purchasing additional computers/technology equipment outside of the University Replacement Program?
No. Departments are still able to purchase additional computer equipment within the specifications provided by ITS. They should contact ITS to obtain the necessary equipment quote(s) in order to receive the best pricing and ensure purchases fit ITS specifications. Funding and approval for these departmental funded purchases are at the discretion of the respective departments and must be approved by the Dean or VP of that area. Note: ITS is only able to support equipment that meets our specifications due to availability of replacement parts, software drivers and technical skills.

What happens to old equipment that is replaced?
ITS will ensure that all information on the equipment is securely removed and arrange for correct disposal in line with recycling requirements.