Large Classroom with 2 Projectors and Multiple TV Displays

Equipment Requests

Educational Media offers a variety of different Audio/Visual equipment for the use of classes and special event spaces.

Pace Classroom Support

There is no charge for any equipment setup or delivery to a classroom on a Pace campus during office hours. If a staff member is required to stay and operate equipment a charge may be incurred. Most classrooms have equipment preinstalled and if not it can be delivered. Please see the Educational Media Order Forms page for more details.

Weekend Support

Events on the weekends will be serviced by appointment only. Such events will require a minimum of 1 week notice. They will be charged at 'After Hours' prices.

Equipment Package Options

For events that do not require staffing, equipment packages will be made available for checkout(cost associated with these packages are outlined in 'Charges' found below)

Third Party Events

Any external group that is not co-sponsored by an organization within the university is classified as a 3rd party event. Technician support is $50/hour and a minimum of one hour must be billed for any event. 3rd party events also follow a different billing structure for equipment which is listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

Service Charges

Any in-house event taking place outside of the stated regular office hours will be charged a fee of $20/hour in addition to a flat rate of $20/hour for setup and pickup. Additional charges ($40/hr) may be incurred if it is determined that a full-timer is required onsite (both during/after business hours).

  • Sound System (with up to 2 microphones): $50/day (+$50/hour if staffed)
  • Additional Microphones (Wireless): $75 each
  • Data Projector: $150
  • Computer/Laptop w/ Windows 10: $100
  • Portable Projection Screen: $50
  • Video Camera and Tripod: $50
  • Video Camera and Tripod w/ Operator: $50 for camera (+ $50/hour)