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In an effort to reduce costs and improve services, Information Technology Services has implemented a Local Area Network (LAN) Fax solution that allows Pace e-mail users to use electronic mail as the transmission media for incoming and outgoing messages.


Faculty and staff that have been approved through their school or department.

How to Get this Service

New Users: Before using Lan Fax, you must first submit a Help Desk ticket requesting access.

A request can be submitted by following the instructions shown below:

1. Log in to using your MyPace username and password

2. Click on Request tab

3. Select the following Request Type: Information Technology > Fax Machine > Telecommunications

4. In the Request Detail, include the following:

  • user’s name
  • user’s e-mail address
  • user’s telephone extension
  • campus
  • department
  • network printer (if applicable)

5. Provide the needed information in all requested fields.

Note: The information icon will provide further details of what is requested from the input field.

6. Click the Save button.

Returning Users: To help you get started, use the LanFax Lab Document.


If you experience any access issues, please contact the Pace Help Desk. Request can be submitted via the Help Desk system in the following Request Type: Information Technology > Fax Machine > Telecommunications

Contact the ITS Help Desk

UTelephone: 914-773-3333
UToll Free: 1-855-722-3487
GLive Chat: Have a question?

Learn More

There are approximately 800 virtual incoming telephone numbers (914-989-8000 to 914-989-8799), as well as sufficient outgoing (long distance and international) circuits for all of our users.  Faxes sent to these numbers are delivered to the LanFax ( server and attached to e-mail documents (as a .tif file) and forwarded to corresponding e-mail addresses, or they are immediately printed on a LAN attached printer (dependent on the user’s desires).    Users with LanFax accounts are able to e-mail to fax machines (as just like any e-mail address. 

Our experience with fax machines is that less than 1-2% of outgoing Pace University faxes are not already in machine readable format, so a strategically placed scanner somewhere on each floor or in each building should be able to handle this workload.  No additional stand-alone fax installations will be approved.
Usage Policy for the LanFax solution must comply with the Pace University’s Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology. The LanFax solution may be used only by Pace faculty, administrators and staff and should only be used for Pace business.  At present, there is no charge back for fax server usage.  However, the system is being monitored for fraudulent usage.  Any misuse of the server will result with the removal of the account and a charge back to the school or division for the cost of any fraudulent phone calls.
Definition: LAN/Fax Solution = a server with software that enables users to send and receive faxes directly to/from email accounts on the desktop.