Students walking up stairs in One Pace Plaza

Chief Information Officer

Paul Dampier

Since joining Pace, I am struck by the shared sense of purpose and commitment to providing a great academic experience and learning environment for our students as they develop a professional foundation for their future careers. Everyone has made me very welcome and I am encouraged by the commitment of our technical services teams within ITS as they work to improve and increase services for the academic and administrative communities of the University.
Today's CIO has a blend of roles spanning the traditional management of technical IT to the more complex areas of applying technology to improve services and business efficiency, and to create competitive advantage through the innovative use of new and emerging technologies. The portfolio of IT services and how these are delivered is a constant change, one which can only be successful if IT acts as a catalyst for change working in partnership with our academic and administration colleagues, and the Pace student community.
Currently, I am looking to understand both the immediate and longer term priorities that we need to focus on, and to meet with as many people as possible to discuss the opportunities going forward that ITS should be involved with.
Best Wishes,
Paul Dampier
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

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