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OnTrack for Faculty

Why Use OnTrack?

Ongoing faculty feedback on student performance enables us to:

  • Quickly identify students who need additional support, as early as possible;
  • Communicate timely feedback to students and their Advisors;
  • Connect students who are struggling with the resources they need;
  • Provide Advisors information necessary to pursue targeted follow-up and interventions with individual students and connect them to support; and
  • Close the loop and shared updates on outreach to students, interventions and student progress.

OnTrack FAQ (PDF) and faculty guidance on reasons to raise a Flag in OnTrack.

5 Ways to Use OnTrack in Your Role as an Instructor at Pace

  • Respond to Academic Progress Report (APR) requests at the designated points of the semester if you are instructing undergraduate students.
  • Raise Flags for any students in your course(s) throughout the semester who appear to be struggling.
  • Use the Kudos feature to recognize a student’s good work or improvement.
  • Raise the Risk of Withdrawing from the University Flag when a student indicates she/he *MAY* be considering transferring or has shared concrete plans to transfer out of Pace.
  • Optional Attendance Tracking and Online Appointment/Office Hours Scheduling features.

OnTrack Instructions

You can access OnTrack instructions (PDF) for:

  • Basic navigation in OnTrack
  • Accessing your course roster(s) in OnTrack
  • Raising Flags/Kudos for individual or multiple students outside of an APR
  • Confirming a student’s assigned Advisor