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Turnitin is ideal for research papers and essays as it can be used to check for plagiarism in student writing. Turnitin also allows instructors to deliver feedback by leaving in-line comments and markup directly within a student's paper. All submitted files are added to the Turnitin global database to check for instances for collusion amongst students, but this feature can be disabled for individual assignments.

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For technical issues, all faculty and students can call the Turnitin Support line at (510) 764-7600

For general questions and help getting started with Turnitin, reach out to the Academic Technology department.

New York City Phone: (212) 346-1661
Pleasantville Phone: (914) 773-3664

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How Does It Work?

Turnitin can be enabled for assignments in Brightspace/CLASSES. A Similarity Report is generated for each individual student submission. The Turnitin Assignment Inbox can synchronize with the Brightspace/CLASSES Grades tool, so instructors can review and grade submissions all in one place.

Best Practices

  • Include a syllabus statement notifying students that Turnitin will be used as an assessment tool and make your plagiarism policy clear from the onset of your course.
  • Allow students to see their Originality Reports when creating the assignment to foster an open discourse with your students and increase opportunities for self-critique.
  • Exclude bibliographic materials and quoted materials from the Similarity Index so that cited material will not be flagged as a similarity match in the Originality Report.

Syllabus Statement Template

Pace University has partnered with the third-party application Turnitin to help maintain our standards of excellence in academic integrity. Turnitin is a suite of tools that provides instructors with information about the authenticity of submitted work and facilitates the process of grading for instructors. Submitted files are compared against an extensive database of content comprising journal articles, student papers, and websites, both current and archived. Turnitin produces a similarity report and a similarity score. A similarity score is the percentage of a document that is similar to content held within the database. A similarity report gives the instructor more information about any potential matches and their sources. All submissions to this course may be checked using Turnitin.


Can you make Turnitin automatically fail a submission that exceeds a certain similarity score?
No. Turnitin leaves grading discretion to the instructor's discretion.