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Information Management Officers (IMOs) are Pace University staff and faculty designated to serve as the first source of technical support within their group and act as a "point of contact" between their group and the services provided by Information Technology Services (ITS).

IMO Guidelines

IMOs may be entrusted with additional access to computers and sensitive information to allow them to perform their role more efficiently.  Please review the IMO Guidelines page to learn more about the responsibilities involved and protocols that should be followed.

Benefits of Being an IMO

  • become more I.T. savvy
  • learn to use technology more effectively
  • become a more valuable resource to your department
  • gain great computer, Internet and Microsoft Office skills
  • stay informed about I.T. upgrades and changes as they happen
  • communicate with other IMOs and ITS to find solutions to I.T. issues faster

IMO Training Opportunities

Training for IMOs is available through workshops offered by ITS. For the IMO Certification procedures and a list of the course offerings, click here.
HR Technology Training Website - featuring information and tutorials on Banner, CTLT (Blackboard), Finance systems, ITS, and PCBT courses.
ITS IT Training Website - featuring instructor-led courses, online courses, and self-help guides.
ITS Self Help Guides - featuring a variety of self help guides to assist IMOs.
Microsoft eLearning Program - featuring online courses for all Microsoft software.
[Microsoft Office Suite Tutorials] - featuring turorials on Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and more.
[New Staff IT Resources Page] - featuring information for newly hired Pace staff.
[IMO Support Documents]
[IMO Blackboard Tips]
[IMO Contact Information]
[IMO Java Training Presentation]
[IMO Kronos Basics Tutorial]
[IMO Ticket Creation Tips]

IMO Meetings

IMO Meetings are open to IMOs as well as the Pace community.  Meetings are scheduled to cover important I.T. upgrades and changes as they arise.  Look for meeting notices via the IMO-L discussion group listserv.
    Upcoming Meetings
    PLV - Spring Meeting - TBD
    NYC - Spring Meeting - TBD
     Note: Light lunch will be provided

IMO-L Discussion Group

IMOs can receive IMO-related information electronically by joining the IMO-L discussion group listserv.

To subscribe:

  • go to and log in with your MyPace Portal user name and password
  • Create a new Request to be added to the IMO-L email listserv with the following Request Type:
    Information Technology / Email List (Distribution Group or Listserv) / How-to

Note:  If you are not an IMO, but would like to receive ITS Newsflash notices and other ITS updates, you can join the [ITNotices-L Listserv].  IMOs should join this listserv as well.  Visit the ITS News page to learn how to subscribe.

IMO Program Feedback and Suggestions

Please use the Comments form to submit your feedback or suggestions to improve the IMO Program.