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Phone, Fax & Voicemail

UPDATE 11/8/17

ITS is pleased to announce that we will be upgrading our current Alcatel phone system to a Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solution. New buildings and properties including 33 Beekman, 182 Broadway, Alumni and Elm Hall, the Summit, 110 and 140 William St. are already using Cisco phones. ITS plans to replace all remaining Alcatel desk phones, voice mailboxes and call center systems starting this fiscal year. A schedule for your location will be viewable on the site.

Pace University currently uses Alcatel, Cisco, and Lync telephone systems with networked in-house switches on multiple sites.

The telephone system requires 5-digit dialing for inter or intra campus calls. Operator switchboard service is provided from the Pleasantville Campus for all locations. Pace offers Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services, which means a person calling from outside the University may by-pass the switchboard if the ten-digit number is known. Some restricted areas may be issued a non-DID, or virtual, number as required. Non-DID numbers can make out-bound calls, but cannot be called from external (off-campus) sites.



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