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Drupal - Web Content Management System

Drupal is a free and open source modular content management system (CMS) used by the university to edit web content. A CMS is a tool used by Web editors to prepare customized content for consumption, usually as HTML-based Web pages.


Edublogs provides a fully-customizable WordPress platform for education blogging. Pace faculty, staff, and students can easily create & run blogs and have control of privacy, users and content.


ePortfolio is an online collection of your work designed for an audience. It enables you to enrich your learning experiences, prepare you for your field of work, and sharpen your technological skills. You will add files to your portfolio that may be shared with others--your peers, professors, friends, family, and potential employers. Additionally, your ePortfolio will be a work in progress as you will be able to add to it and extend it throughout your college career.


Webspace for personal web pages are available to all current Pace University student, staff and faculty. Please review the policies and procedures listed below and complete the online submission form to register your request for web space.

Directions For Requesting Web Space

The submission form is straight-forward to complete. All of the fields on the form must be filled out (Pace email account and password).

Student Club/Organization Pages

A web space request for a student club or organization must be placed by the club or organization's faculty/staff advisor via the ITS Help Desk and should include the club or organization's name, which will be used as the web account's name.

University Guidelines

Before submitting the web space request form for processing, the requester must read the university's Appropriate Use Policy For Information Technology.

While faculty, staff and students should be able to publish freely and openly on the World Wide Web (within the constraints of local, state and federal laws, including copyright laws), it is important that officially provided data viewed by internal and external audiences are both accurate and consistent with other communications the University publishes with regard to the language used to describe our programs, services, mission, history, and philosophy. Pace University encourages interest in the Internet/World Wide Web and the University community should feel free to explore the many opportunities presented by this communications medium.

Note: Users of Pace University-provided computer equipment, email facilities, Internet access and home page services:

  • Comply with contemporary "average person" community standards of good taste and decency and are prohibited from using such equipment, facilities, access and services to make defamatory or libelous statements
  • Subject to, and must comply with, all applicable export laws and regulations, copyright and trademark laws, and all other applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • Subject to, and must comply with, all Pace University policies and procedures, now in effect or which may hereafter be adopted, including, but not limited to these Guidelines, all Computing Resource Center Guidelines, University policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment, and University policies regarding conduct and discipline. If the University becomes aware that any individual is using University-provided computer equipment, email facilities, Internet access or home page services in violation of any applicable law or regulation, it may refer the matter to appropriate authorities for investigation or prosecution. In addition, if the University becomes aware that any individual is using such equipment, facilities, access or services in violation of any University policy or procedure, such individual shall be subject to University disciplinary action which may include dismissal or termination.