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Emergency Notifications

PaceAlert is the emergency notification system that delivers time-sensitive emergency notifications via text, email, and/or telephone to the Pace University community.


Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, & Visitors

How To Get This Service

All active students, staff, and faculty are automatically enrolled in the PaceAlert system upon hiring or enrolling in courses. Your Pace University email address and phone number provided during the application or hiring process is added to the system.

To update your preferences, confirm your mobile phone number, register supplemental contact information, update your contact information, or opt out of receiving messaging, click on the link below:

For temporary visitor and guest registration for the PaceAlert system, click on the link below:


If you experience any issues, a request can be submitted via the Help Desk system.

Contact The ITS Help Desk

Phone: (914) 773-3333
Toll Free: 1 (855) 722-3487

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How much does it cost to receive the emergency text messages?

If you provide the number to your SMS text-enabled cell phone, the only cost is the amount your cell phone company may charge you to receive a text message. However, Pace University will ONLY use the Connect-Ed system for emergency notifications, not routine communications or announcements. Your number will be removed automatically from the system if you are no longer a student or employee of the university.

When will the PaceAlert system be used?

Pace University’s emergency notification system (PaceAlert) will be used only when there is a campus closing, severe threat to public safety and health of the entire campus community, which has not been contained or controlled, and when immediate action is required on the part of the recipient group(s), (e.g. chemical spills impacting public health, school closing, tornado warnings, active shooters, etc). Once the situation receives an “all clear” by the proper authorities then this information will be posted on the Pace University Web site.

The campus alert system will not be used for non-emergency notifications such as lane closures, routine crime updates, localized building emergencies, situations that have been contained or where a threat does not exist, rumor control, and situations where notification is merely a convenience or when Pace University’s main Web Site is the most appropriate communication method. The campus alert system will not replace Pace University’s main Web Site for non-urgent messages. The PaceAlert system will be tested twice a year during the spring and fall semesters.

What contacts should I provide? How many different numbers can I enter?

You can provide telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses that will enable the University to reach you in an emergency. You can store up to five phone numbers and two email addresses in the system’s database.

If I provide multiple numbers and a cell phone with SMS text messaging, which device will it notify first?

The system delivers messages to phones and SMS independently and simultaneously. Therefore, it will be delivered to all your available phone numbers at the same time. It’s possible you could receive them concurrently, but depending on your mobile and landline providers, the times may vary.

Can I add visitors or my loved ones to the Pace Alert system?

Anyone, including visitors to campus, parents/guardians, spouses/domestic partners, contract workers, etc., can register for the Pace Alert system.

By visiting the link, they will be prompted to create their own profile, which they may unsubscribe from at any point.

Can I use a personal phone or email address or do I have to use my Pace-specific contact information?

We encourage you to enter you’re your personal phone number and email address in the event that Pace University systems are not available. Pace University office phone numbers are prohibited from being entered into the system. In the case of an emergency, telephone lines need to be available for incoming and outgoing calls.

How will I know that the system is working?

Pace University will test the PaceAlert system once per semester. The test will likely occur during the early afternoon hours.

Will Pace use this contact information for anything else or sell my contact information?

Pace University’s privacy policies protect all private information belonging to students, staff, and faculty. In addition, our contract for the use of Connect-ED prohibits that company from sharing any of your private information.

Do I need to install software on my phone or computer?

No. The PaceAlert system, as powered by Connect-Ed, uses standard industry SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly. If you have questions about your ability to receive text on your device, contact your service provider for more information.

Can I opt out if I change my mind?

At Pace University, we highly encourage participation in the Connect-ED emergency response program. It is important that we have every option available to reach you in time of a crisis. However, if you wish to opt out of receiving emergency communications, you may do so by logging in to the Emergency Notifications website and removing your emergency contact information. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance by email or phone (914) 773-3333

I heard a classmate or colleague received a PaceAlert message, but I didn’t. What should I do?

It is possible that we do not have your contact information loaded in the PaceAlert system, or it may be inaccurate. Please log in to the Emergency Notifications website the to verify your telephone, email, and cell phone information. To receive SMS text messages, you must provide the number to your text-enabled cell phone.