IT security using laptop

Computer or Mobile Device Security

Protect your computer or mobile device from unauthorized access or theft! It is very important not to leave a computer you logged into unattended or unprotected—whether it is your own computer or one in a public lab. If you forget to log out of systems, accounts, or the computer, you give the next person at the keyboard an open door into your personal information. They can possibly read your e-mails and see financial information or other sensitive data. In some cases, they could even change your password and lock you out of your own account, or worse yet, steal your data!

A few moments is all it takes for someone to physically compromise your system. It takes less than a minute to install a backdoor program that allows them complete remote access and control. Or, they can install "spyware" that shows them everything you look at on your screen and everything you type on your keyboard. Of course, if you give them the opportunity, they can steal your computer or mobile device entirely, along with any confidential data stored in it.

Dispose of devices and any stored information properly! Before getting rid of computers, mobile devices, or portable storage media, make sure that any confidential data residing on those devices has been completely erased. For Pace-owned computer equipment, Department of Defense (DOD)-compliant software should be used to erase all data by properly reformatting hard disks. This service is performed by ITS technicians when old equipment is retired. For additional information on how to safeguard both your personal and Pace provided cell phone devices please review these Mobile Device Safe Practices

For any questions related to proper disposal of Pace equipment, or to schedule a pick-up of old equipment, contact the Pace Help Desk.

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