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Schedule Planner replaces the dated process of using pen, paper and entirely too much time to develop a working schedule only to find out that a course is then closed. This software automates the process with an easy to use interface that presents the students with every possible schedule option, including breaks, that fits their desired course load. You can set the filter to only show open classes, filter by campus and/or level of the course. This process not only saves time in building the schedule but also increases the student’s chance of being able to register prior to the classes closing.

Just choose the courses that you want to register for, block out your busy time, such as practice, work or just some free time, then let Schedule Planner build a series of schedules that fit and you pick the one that is best for you.

Accessing Schedule Planner

To access the new Schedule Planner Login to Pace Portal.

Once you have logged in click on the Student Tab at the top of the page.

Now click on the Registration, Grades and Tuition Schedule link.

Schedule Planner Overview Document (PDF)