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Adobe Sign services (formerly EchoSign) is the electronic signature which speeds up the document signing process. Below, you'll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I obtain an Adobe Sign Account?

Adobe Sign services is only available for Faculty and Staff. Only users creating (or Originating) documents that need electronic signatures will need access. Signers do not require access to this system in order to sign documents.

To request an account, Pace administrators (faculty and staff) must send an email to their department or school group admin (if one is assigned), visit Group Admin Contact Information (PDF). For individual accounts, please click this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (MyPace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login). In some cases, the request will need to be reviewed and approved by the requester’s supervisor.

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How do I activate my Adobe Sign Account?

Once your eSign account is created by a group admin or the ITS Help Desk (if group admin is not assigned for your area), you will receive an email from Adobe Sign. Sign in to your Pace email account and open the email with the Subject: Your Adobe Document Cloud Account.

IMPORTANT! You will need to create a password for Adobe . You can put in a password of your choice which should not be your MyPace Portal password. This step is required to activate your Adobe Sign account.

Adobe Sign Activation

  • click on the link Click here within email to set your Adobe Password
  • type your Adobe password in password and confirm password boxes
  • click Create my Account

You will be directed to the Adobe Sign log in page

  • type your MyPace Portal username and password in the space provided
  • click Continue

To sign out of Adobe Sign

  • hover over your name in the upper right hand corner of page
  • click Sign Out
  • close your browser to complete sign out

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How do I log in/ sign out my Adobe Sign Account?

Users can login through Pace's Adobe Sign page. To sign out, follow the steps below:

  • hover over your name in the upper right hand corner of page
  • click Sign out

You will be directed to the Pace Home Page. To complete sign out in Adobe Sign, please close your browser and not only the tab.

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Which browsers support Adobe Sign services?

Adobe Sign services does not support IE9 and IE10 with the latest product release as of March 8, 2018. Users on these browsers will be directed to download compatible versions. Below is a list of supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Microsoft Windows 8 using Internet Explorer 11 or later, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Mac OS X v10.9 or later using Safari 7 or later, Firefox, or Chrome

Note: If you are using the Edge browser, please ensure you are running the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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How do I manage and track the status of a document sent for e-signature?

  • Senders can track the status of their document in the Manage page. You can view the document's status if it is waiting for signature, or has been signed or even declined.
  • Filters at the top of the Manage page allow you to find specific documents or document types. You can also search the list by typing any search term into the search box and the list automatically updates. To reset the list, click the icon at the right of the search box.
  • All the information to the right of the screen is specific to the document you have selected in the left-hand document list.
  • Select a document in the left-hand document list. In the right-hand pane, you can print the document, enlarge the view, create a PDF or even cancel the transaction.
  • You can replace the specified signer (for example, if they are out of the office), by clicking Replace signer in the right-hand pane. This will send an email to the new signer, but the original signer can still sign the document if they become available.
  • In the far right pane, you will see a list of vertical tabs, which also have document management functions. You can share the transaction with a colleague, review the document protection information, send a reminder to the signer, review the history audit report, and even add some notes about the document.
  • Another way to see the status of the document is on the dashboard in the events and alerts area. Events are actions that have happened to the transaction like signing or sending and alerts are expected actions that don't have a specified timeframe. Click the wrench icon and choose exactly what events and alerts you'd like to see on your dashboard.

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How do you know who signed a document?

eSign electronic signatures are sent directly to the email address of the signer you specify at the time the agreement is configured. There is an audit trail that details the events related to the signing of the document. As the sender, you can log into your eSign account and view the record of signers on the Manage tab.

Note: Senders have the option to set a password to protect the document before it can be viewed. This password is embedded into the document, and would be communicated by the sender to the signer separately.

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How do I send documents to multiple parties that need to sign?

  • Go to the Send page
  • Enter the email addresses of the signers in the order they should sign
  • Attach a document via the Attach button or choose a library document
  • Select Preview, position signature or add forms fields
  • click next
  • Drag-and-drop fields for the first signer (chosen by default)
  • Select next signer from the Select Participant pop-up menu
  • Place fields for the next signer
  • click Send

Note: By default through the sequential signing process, EchoSign will first send the document to the first signer (and only the first signer) and wait until they apply their signature. Once their signature is applied, EchoSign will notify the second signer and wait for them to sign. This sequential process will continue until all signers have signed. The sender enters signers email addresses into the To: field in the order that you require them to sign the document (separated by commas).

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Does the person I’ve asked to sign a document need an account?

No, the person who is signing a document does not need to have an eSign account. Your signer only needs to have an email address or a fax number eSign can send the document to. The signing experience is conducted without the need for the signer to authenticate to the eSign system though you could require and supply a password for signing a document. The signer can simply sign the document using a web browser on any computer or mobile device.

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Can I view the history of a transaction?

Once a transaction is sent, you can see who performed what action and when in the agreement history. This information is updated as each new event occurs and provides details on each event.

  1. sign in to eSign and click Manage page
  2. click on your selected transaction
  3. click History tab on the right side of the page

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How do I use a library template to send an agreement?

A Library Template is a reusable template of fields that have been placed. They are either saved as a Form Field Template, or a Library Document. The creator of the Library Template can set the permission level to determine who has access to use and send these templates. To use a library document,

  • click the Send tab, and then click Document Library link.

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How do I add and apply my signature in Adobe Sign?

eSign supports three methods to apply your electronic signature to your documents. All three of these signature methods are entirely contained within the eSign system.

To apply your electronic signature to your documents, please take the following steps:

  1. The first signature style is the default signature script. This is a computer selected font and requires the signer to simply type their name.
  2. The second option is a biometric signature which refers to a signature that you actually draw on the computer using your pointer device.
  3. The third option is to upload an image of your signature that you have saved on your local system. You must upload this image prior to signing a document, and just like the Biometric signature, it is stored for all of your signature applications on future documents

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Can I edit a document uploaded to the Adobe Sign library?

eSign senders can only edit fields and field properties for documents that used the option called Preview, position signatures or add form fields at the time the document was uploaded. You will not in any case be able to edit the original source content of the document. If you need to edit the content of the document itself, you will need to change the source document on your local system using the appropriate application (e.g. Microsoft Word), and then upload that modified document. If you only need to edit or reposition fields, then you can do so on the Manage tab. All of the library documents are listed at the very bottom of the page, under your list of Archived documents.

Note: Only the Originator of the document can make any edits. People you have shared the document with will not have any ability to edit. Senders will notice a send link that (if clicked) will open a send page with the document attached. You will also see an edit link just to the right of the send link. .

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What if I need to sign an agreement as well?

When sending a document for multiple signatures, you will enter the email addresses of the signers in to the To: field in the order you want people to sign the document. This is true if you need to add your signature also. Just add your email into the series of emails in the proper signature place. For example, if you are the third signer of four signers, then your email address will be the third one in the To: field.

There is a quick option available if your signature will be either the first or the last in the sequence. You will see a check box that says "I need to sign" just above where you enter the document name. Checking this box will open a pop-up that will indicate if you will sign last (the default) or first. To change the order, you just click the "First" or "Last" button.

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What is mega sign?

Mega Sign offers a way to send the same document to many people for signature. Each document is signed separately by each signer. eSign automatically records each transaction and signed document. You can upload a CSV file with the list of your recipients. To use Mega Sign, go to the Dashboard tab and under Additional Functions, click on the Mega Sign link. From there, you can initiate a MegaSign transaction.

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Where can I find more information on Adobe Sign features?

To learn more about eSign services and functionality, navigate to Adobe Sign Services User Guide (PDF). If you have any other questions, a request can be submitted by clicking this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (MyPace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

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