Large Classroom with 2 Projectors and Multiple TV Displays

While using the Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center (CRC) facilities, you agree to abide by the following policies.

You Will Refrain From

  • copying, removing, altering, or tampering with Pace systems software and documentation
  • rearranging, vandalizing, or tampering with computer equipment, printers, cables, furniture, etc.
  • introducing any type of malware or spyware on Pace computers with malicious intent
  • using Pace systems to send inappropriate e-mails, spam or phishing attempts, or to establish any peer-to-peer networks
  • using Pace telephones to make unauthorized calls
  • posting any advertisements, notices, or other documentation without prior approval from the Supervisor or Manager
  • smoking, or playing computer games
  • loitering/sleeping in the labs and classrooms (strictly prohibited)
  • causing or contributing to an unreasonably dirty workspace (i.e. clean up after yourself)
  • providing your Pace Portal account to other individuals so they can log in to Pace computers, or logging them in yourself
  • engaging in loud conversation with others, either in-person or on the phone
  • interfering with normal day-to-day activities
  • disruptive, abusive, lewd, or harassing behavior towards other users or staff
  • displaying and/or playing inappropriate images or videos which may be offensive in nature

In Addition, You Understand and Agree to the Following

  • usage of Pace computers and other equipment is conditional upon an active Pace Portal account
  • printing services are conditional upon an active Pace ID Card for students and an active Pace Portal account for Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Guest
  • alumni and guests are subject to limited service options (e.g. printing, technical support, etc.)
  • printing/copying/scanning services are subject to the specified charges
  • all print jobs are automatically set to double-sided printing. Users are responsible for changing their own settings to one-sided if desired or asking for assistance before releasing print jobs
  • users are responsible for previewing their documents before printing and releasing them in order to ensure that they are formatted properly for printing and no unwanted pages exist
  • unattended children and use of computer equipment by children is prohibited
  • all users are expected to abide by all applicable copyright laws and licenses
  • use of personal software and equipment must be approved by the Supervisor or ITS Manager
  • users are responsible for backing up their own data and must save all documents to removable media
  • the Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center staff are not responsible for personal items left unattended in the facilities

Software Installation Requests