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Panopto is a lecture capture tool that allows you to record, view, and post your lectures to your course portal on Classes. The Panopto recorder software allows instructors to record content from their home or office PC, which has resulted in a much more flexible and innovative teaching style that is reflected in the growing adoption of a "flipped classroom" approach at Pace University and most Higher Ed institutions. With features like a robust playback environment, interactive quizzing, advanced post-capture editing, and mobile recording via smartphones/tablets, Panopto is sure to assist any user in creating exciting video recordings that can be made available to anyone around the world!


Faculty, Staff and Students

How To Get This Service

Requester will need to create a Help Desk ticket and request an account to install the software on a computer. (Pace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

Users can also contact Educational Media for technical issues with downloading or installing Panopto on their computer.


You can obtain information about Panopto by contacting:

Irwin Narayan
Phone: (914) 773-3778

New York
Bradford Terry
Phone: (212) 346-1583

Please note that a course must be provisioned once at the beginning of each semester. Please contact either contact for more information.

For any inquiries about this service, or to submit a request, please click this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (Pace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

Contact The ITS Help Desk

Phone: (914) 773-3333
Toll Free: 1 (855) 722-3487


All videos published to Panopto will be available indefinitely.

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Panopto FAQ

How do I get Panopto on my computer?
Tutorial on how to download the Panopto Recorder and get started!

How do I create a recording with Panopto?
Tutorial on how to record Video Presentations.

How do I select which course my video goes to?
Once in the Panopto Recorder, you can select the Classes courses provisioned for you via the drop down menu item at the top of the recorder.