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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Note: The Pace VPN download page is only available from off-campus.  Hence, the http://vpn.pace.edulinks listed below will only work from off-campus.  IPSecVPN clients are no longer supported. The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is not supported by the Windows RT tablet due to O/S restrictions with that device. Visit the Supported Software page for a full listing.

The Pace Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a mechanism for the computers that are using it to be part of the Pace University network when that computer is not physically on any Pace campus.

VPN Upgrade

To ensure the latest version with up-to-date security protocols are being used, we have recently upgraded our Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to version 3.1.01.  This upgrade should be transparent to the user community.  When you try to run the current version of Cisco AnyConnect installed on your machine, the system will prompt you to run the upgrade version.   If you are going to, it will run the newest version of the application automatically.

As vendors continue to produce newer versions of software, support for older versions will gradually become unavailable.  This applies to not only applications, but also Operating Systems (OS) that the applications are compatible with. Click here to see a list of VPN supported operating systems. 

Note: Windows RT does not support Cisco AnyConnect. There are no APIs provided in the operating system to provide this functionality. Cisco has an open request with Microsoft on this topic. Customers who want this functionality should contact Microsoft to express their interest.

Getting VPN

From off campus you can connect directly to the Pace University network through a web browser. This solution is now available for Macintosh OSX, Linux and Windows Vista users including the 64-bit architecture - go to
Note: If your browser blocks pop-ups, you may need to click on 'allow pop-ups' at the top of the screen to begin your VPN session. Also, during the installation, you may be prompted to accept security certificates more than once; you should allow these in order to continue.
At the time of install, Windows may require the installation of an ActiveX control. In addition, if you are using Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to add to the list of trusted sites before proceeding with the installation. On both Linux and Mac OSX, you will be prompted for a local administrator password in order to proceed.
The first time you access this site, a program will download and install to your computer. For future connections, you can either run the program directly from your machine to connect or you can return to the site and connect. Either way, your machine will not need to install the client software again.
You Don't Need VPN to Use These:
Note: VPN is not necessary for accessing everything at Pace. So, if you want to just check Pace email, get access to our library systems, etc., you should not use VPN. By using VPN when you don't need to, you are most likely slowing down your own VPN experience while accessing other internet resources as well as taxing the Pace internet connection.
Here is a list of things you can do off campus without using VPN
  • Check your Pace e-mail
  • Go to the Pace home page, and most of the underlying websites
  • Log onto MyPace Portal and use most parts of MyPace Portal (Blackboard, registration, student records, etc.)
  • Look at unrestricted Pace web pages
  • Browse the Library systems
  • Get to files stored on WFS (Web File System)
You Do Need VPN to Use These:
You will need VPN installed and running before you can begin to do the following (when off campus):
  • Access Pace Administrative Systems (Banner, Timesheets, SharePoint etc.)
  • Use license restricted Pace software
  • Using software such as SSH (Secure Shell software typically used to connect to Unix & Linux systems)
  • Start a Remote Desktop connection to an office computer (XP Remote Desktop, VNC, etc.)
  • Log onto the Pace Domain Print from student PCs/laptops, on or off campus, and retrieve from any of the new printer locations

Note: For security reasons Banner is only avaliable via a remote desktop connection to your local Pace Machine.

Documentation and Help

If you are intrigued but would like further assistance contact the ITS Help Desk (914-773-3333) or visit your local Computer Resource Center.
 For additional assistance chat live with an ITS Helpdesk representative